End of the Long Gun Registry

Well it ended awhile ago but it’s now been reported that all of the collected records have been destroyed (except in Quebec where the government has brought forth a legal challenge to keep the records in the hopes of setting up their own registry). I’ve never been in favour of this legislation and I’m not at all unhappy to see it end. Beyond the colossal costs and the limited use that it had (yeah I won’t cheery pick a link for the second, the first is indisputable) I found the anti-rural nature and costs placed on them to be the most problematic. Canada is an urban nation but there are still many people who need rifles for where they live or simply to have for sport.

However, what I cannot stand is the hypocrisy of this federal government which on the one hand claims to be standing up for the individual rights of the country’s citizens by getting rid of the registry or the long form census form while on the other increasing minimum sentences for those caught using illegal drugs. Somehow the rights and the decisions made by individuals is fine and good when it comes to guns and the number of bedrooms in houses but completely absent when about ingesting a substance which would only affect the person making the decision. Harper looks to have never been a libertarian and instead wrapped himself conveniently in those clothes, or at least hinted at it, in order to push forward his true agenda of social conservatism where the “correct rights” are ones that need to be left to the individual and the rest are the property of the state. He may use the world “socialist” as the boogeyman when talking of the opposition but he only dislikes the government’s hands when they aren’t grabbing what he wants.