“It should not be up to politicians to determine which drugs should be approved for medical use”

The title is a direct quote from Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq today explaining why her government would not get invovled and outlaw generic drug companies from producing OxyContin. Some of the provinces have asked the federal government to ban the production of this drug because its cheaper version could make it easier for addicts to buy.

I find it difficult to understand how a government could use this logic to not ban a drug while at the same time increasing fines for people that use marijuana. From the same article:

“We need to make the decisions on prescription drugs based on science,” she told the media. “Scientists are there to provide that advice to us and we need to work with the system that we have in place.”

Except that there is mountains of evidence from science suggesting that marijuana is not nearly as harmful as other readily available drugs (alcohol for one) and can actually help the suffering of the sick. In fact there is now a “scientific article” that has determined that legalizing the substance actually brings about a decrease in driving accidents, mostly from the resulting decrease in the cases of drunk driving.

While I applaud the government’s decision today I wish that it would stop its hypocracy and look to change irrational and unscientific laws against illegal drugs.


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